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ADANFIS is a project made possible by Adanair, where it concentrates all the activity on the flight evaluation of the Air Navigation Service (ANS), as well as the possible flight calibration of its components, within the virtual activity of a simulator. Everything recreated in the simulator in relation to the Flight Inspection of the ANS, is in accordance with the operational regulations of ICAO.

For this, simulation environments with high complexity have been developed, which reflect the reality of the activity, allowing covering the whole range of acceptable and unacceptable situations, which can be presented in the different profiles developed during the evaluation of the systems , subsystems and associated procedures of the Air Navigation Service (ANS).

Taking as reference the indications of ICAO in its different documents, the company ADANAIR has designed a course for in-flight evaluators, valid for inspectors or who perform inspection functions, which accredits a high level of training through an academic quality control and teachers specialists, with extensive and demonstrable experience in the activities that are taught.

It should be noted that the course is common for pilots and operators of the onboard system, in terms of theory. The practice is taught in a flight evaluation simulator, which identifies, separately, the job of the evaluating pilot and the operator of the on-board system, as it is in reality. This is possible because the simulator consists of an aircraft cabin and a console operator station. However, it is possible to perform the simulation individually and separately from the pilot and operator

During simulator hours, students are trained, not only in standard profiles, but in simulation of anomalous situations that may arise in real flight. In this sense, it is the first complete simulation environment, which allows practicing the complete crews of the flight inspection activity, in all possible real situations

It allows the reproduction of a catalog of errors by radio help and maneuver. These errors in real practice are very difficult to detect without a previous training, since some of them do not show up frequently and in some cases, very unnoticed

In the simulator you can train the flight profiles on evaluation of LOC, GS, VOR, MKB, DME, Airways, NDB, GONIO, Visual aids, Associated procedures, RADAR, GCA, TACAN, Communications and GNSS. Likewise, as can be seen in the ICAO documents, the members of the flight inspection crew must be experts in their individual fields, have solid knowledge and experience in flight test and inspection procedures and requirements, as well as be capable of to work as a team.

In this line, we have previous consolidated experience for all the services we offer. That is why we have powerful systems, the most adequate tools and a team of experienced and specialized professionals in the sector, with a permanent and innovative training, whose design allows the accreditation of professionals to develop this inspection activity

At present, ADANAIR is very close to the international airport of Valencia, which allows us to provide our services to the entire sector in a close and personalized way, which means being able to use the portable version of the simulator in Valencia, or in the place of interest the client´s.

Our objective is to offer our clients a quality service with immediate response, which meets their needs with an excellent quality / price ratio, aimed at achieving reliable, durable, efficient and safe projects, with the aim of guaranteeing success in the projects of our clients

All this within a framework of seriousness and absolute discretion, trying a constant impulse to overcoming.

We project the philosophy that a business is good, when it is good for all parties.